All of Rootlingua’s services go under a rigorous quality assurance procedure. All final documents have been rendered by highly-skilled translators of the target language and include editing and a final by a native-speaker before delivery.

Rootlingua aims to be a high-quality service with transparent rates commensurate with the experience and quality the agency aims to provide. Quality is a priority, and rates are set to ensure this quality through all stages of the process.

Please send your document(s) to translate@rootlingua.com to receive a quote.

Please look below for applicable charges on rush delivery and file processing:

Rush Delivery

Rush deliveries are projects that require a 24-hour turn around on Monday to Thursday, or on Friday that require delivery the following Monday. An additional charge of 15%-25% will be applied to these projects.


A surcharge may apply for processing PDF documents, hand-written documents, and documents that contain many sections of illegible or worn-away text.